Inner Harbor Coalition

Dedicated to Revitalizing the Inner Harbor and Harborplace for the People of Baltimore

Inner Harbor Coalition

We are a coalition of Baltimore citizens. Though we are from all walks of life, we have one thing in common: our love for the City of Baltimore. We love its people, its neighborhoods, its history, its parks and its magnificent waterfront. Now that waterfront, a park, is under threat.

In June of 1967 a promise was made to all future generations of Baltimoreans that our Inner Harbor waterfront would be dedicated perpetually as public open space, so as to be forever available for public use.

Our current City leadership plans to renege on that promise by allowing large- scale commercial development in our park.

Today, we follow in the footsteps of the activists who saved some of our most cherished Baltimore neighborhoods from eradication by a highway. Once again, citizen action is necessary, this time to keep Baltimore’s Inner Harbor a public park accessible to all.

Our coalition grows. As more and more people learn about the plans to transform our public waterfront into yet another commercial development, they are joining us to raise their voices.

Our Proposals

We want to keep all of the Inner Harbor accessible. As the “face” of Baltimore, the spaces should be open to all visitors. The Inner Harbor is a public park, owned by the citizens, and should remain primarily for public use, not become luxury apartments and offices, which are, by their nature, limited in access.

We want to keep the current height restrictions in place around the entire Inner Harbor. The careful planning has served the city well and keeps the water and skyline views for everyone.

We support a transparent legislative and development process that would consider a variety of ideas and proposals, taking advantage of the incredible wealth of knowledge that our local architects, urban planners, developers and citizens have to offer.

At heart, we want to revitalize and re-imagine the Inner Harbor and Harborplace, while keeping it a place open for everyone. We are not opposed to development. What we want to see is a careful and thoughtful process for a project that will shape our city for generations to come.